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Hybrid vehicles: which oil to choose?

The increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles is creating a new trend in the market and a growing demand for specific products that are suitable for the latest hybrid engines developed. Especially Europe, China & North America follow the trend of this growing market segment.

Hybrid engines have been developed to combine the benefits of two types of engines in one application. The combustion engine performs better at high speeds while the battery engine provides better performance as a backup at the start of the engine and as a support for the combustion engine.

Some important advantages of hybrid vehicles are:

• Fuel economy

• Reduction of emissions

• Less friction

• Protect timing chain wear and Low Speed Pre-Ignition protection (LSPI)

• Extended life of the braking system and battery

Within the lubricant industry there is a need to constantly adapt our product range in order to respond quickly to a changing market, in this case to a growing hybrid fleet. Lubricants suitable for hybrid engines are very unique and have a low viscosity grade such as 0W16, 0W20 and 5W20 and have the latest API standards such as API SN Plus, API SN RC and API SP.

ILSAC stands for the International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee and for the ECO products 5W20 0W20, ILSAC GF-6A and for the ECO H 0W16 ILSAC GF-6B.

All products that are suitable for a hybrid application can be recognized by the green leaf HYBRID logo on the label.

These are the products what are suitable for the new hybrid en low viscosity needed engines.


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