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The founder:

Arvina Lubricants BV founded by JP Maussen in 2013 is an automotive engineer who has worked for many years at several European Lubricant blenders. After 10 years he decided to start his own company due to his wide experience and network in the lubricants market. This in combination with the scale weaknesses the oil multinationals are facing today, he knows exactly what the demands are of the global changing market.

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Our goals

ARVINA is a relatively young brand with a hands on mentality. We have our own way of working with a flexible attitude and a focus on long-term relationships with our clients. Our main business goal is to completely satisfy our global customers by providing the right lubricant for the right application. We achieve this goal through the continuous development and evolution of many various management, technology and distribution processes. The dedication towards our work and customers allowed us to set up a brand that was able to meet our customers’ needs and expectations by providing a complete service. Besides this we also develop private label and are specialised in export.

Private Label

Private Label

Arvina lubricantsis unique and ‘one of its kind’ in the lubricant business and has been making and selling lubricants for more than 15 years, and thus benefits from extensive know-how and recognised expertise. Over the years, we have applied the tools and organisation indispensable to the manufacture of branded lubricants, in complete discretion. Smooth cooperation between Arvina and our clients is the ‘most important’ key of the process of creating a ‘new and one of a kind’ brand.


Our flexible production methods enable us to manufacture products according to your specification and we will fill and pack the products in your own customized brand colours. We will give you full support from scratch to the end. In order to meet the requirements of car manufacturers, each product is carefully analysed and developed in laboratories with the biggest care. According to your technical specifications and demands, we will support you in the creation of your own range of lubricants based on quality products at competitive prices.

Arvina Lubricants can advise you on:

  • Product customized formulations according to the application: engine oils, industrial oils, lubricating greases, biodegradable products…

  • We have an own design teamwho can support you from scratch. support in designing your logo, labels, cartons and customized drums.

  • support/advice you in design and input for brochures, advertisements.

  • associated legislation

  • product safety sheets. 

  • technical support & sales training. 

  • Logistic department to get your goods in your country and manage your stock.  

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